Can’t say enough good things about this company. Kitchen pantry has never looked this good and stays organized due to more logical layout!


Xtreme Audacity did a WONDERFUL job at helping me declutter and organize my home. Inviting outsiders into your home to help you deal with your mess can be scary but she was very gentle and non-judgemental throughout the entire process and made it easy to work with her. The skills that she taught me not only have brought peace to my home life, I am able to use these skills in my workplace. I now LOVE my home.


Takilla helped me repurpose a space in my home to make it an additional bedroom for our family. Her patience and professionalism was amazing. She is so creative in her organizational skills as she helped me declutter and find space I didn’t even know existed! Because of her work, my children have more space! My family is very pleased with her work and will definitely be using her again!