Can’t say enough good things about this company. My kitchen and pantry have never looked this good and it stays organized due to the more logical layout! ~ Thor C. (1st)

Worth every penny. My mother came to visit and complimented on how organized all our cabinets and closets are now. How can you put a price on that. ~ Thor C. (2nd)

Takilla was wonderful to work with. She helped organize my house with me and even with my kids. My home environment was always be more pleasant with Takilla in it! ~ Amy C.

Takilla is amazing! She is helping organize our new house as we unpack. She started with the kitchen, moving everything from my random and disorganized spots to logical ones. To sorting and organizing food, dishes, utensils, pretty much everything! Takilla is so much fun to be around, for me, but also for my kids. They spent all day with her, asking questions and helping organize. Just a awesome experience. My organized kitchen is such a happy place now! I Can’t wait to have her back. ~ Rachel D. (1st)

Takilla is amazing. She develops practical, real-life organized solutions that work within your actual life and household. Our house runs so much more smoothly. Takilla has become a very close friend and the kids love her. She has been helping them develop cleaning and organizing skills too. ~ Rachel D. (2nd)

Xtreme Audacity Organized Solutions truly changed my whole life. I feel much more organized because I have a system in place to help keep me organized and moving forward. I highly recommend using Xtreme Audacity for any organizational needs you may have! ~ Rico G.

Xtreme Audacity did a WONDERFUL job at helping me declutter and organize my home. Inviting outsiders into your home to help you deal with your mess can be scary, but she was very gentle and non-judgemental throughout the entire process which made it easy to work with her. The skills that she’s taught me have not only have brought peace into my home life, but I am also able to use these skills in my workplace. I now LOVE my home. ~ Dorie M.

Takilla has helped me repurpose a space in my home to make it an additional bedroom for my family. Her patience and professionalism is amazing. She is so creative in her organizational skills, that she helped me declutter and find space I didn’t even know existed! Because of her work, my children have more space! My family is very pleased with her work and will definitely be having her back again! ~ Anitra

Takilla has been such an instrumental part in helping us declutter and organize! Her unyielding support and responsiveness is unmatched. ~ Kassie W.

Takilla has brung care of the highest degree into our home and business. She is highly trained in distinctions of high performance workability. She has a GIFT!!!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!! ~ Maria T.

I will highly recommend Takilla, she came in with a professional attitude to get the job done. When she was done I did not recognize my own pantry. I was so pleased and looking forward to working with her again. ~ Marzetta S.

Everything was done in a very timely manner. It was very neat and organized. We are able to maintain the system put in place. ~ NuRechia H.

Being a first time mother, I found it challenging to declutter and tidy up with a baby. I thought it would get easier once my son was mobile, but I found the opposite to be true! Takilla’s organization services came in right on time and when I needed help. Even with my busy toddler running around, we were able to declutter my bedroom and walk-in closet. During the consultation, she finds out what are my goals for my home and the other areas I wanted her to work on. The day I received my services, not only did she declutter and organize my space, she gave me tips and techniques on organization and maintenance. She also made sure as we were removing certain things that we created a keep, donate, and trash pile with deadlines. For the things I planned on keeping, she created a space for them. For the things I chose to donate and get rid of, she helped me box them up and pack them into my car. The icing on the cake for me is Takilla’s nonjudgmental personality, words of encouragement, and her fondness of children. The whole experience was very therapeutic for me and I highly recommend her to anyone! I couldn’t be happier with her services and it was also a pleasant surprise for my husband once he got home to see our bedroom in order. Thank you Takilla of Xtreme Audacity! ~ Christy J.

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